Garden Tours hosted by Carolyn Mullet


about-carolynAs a professional garden designer, Carolyn Mullet balances her appreciation for the history of garden making and traditional approaches with an eager and welcoming attitude toward the progressive ideas of modernism. Her passion for garden design and a desire to share what she loves prompted her to launch CarexTours and begin the rich journey of crafting garden travel experiences.

Wherever Carolyn finds herself, she seeks out gardens to explore. While building a Facebook community of over 1 MILLION garden enthusiasts, she’s realized that there are many people with shared design interests who make for delightful traveling companions. This has led her to create a series of garden tours that cover the full range of garden design today. The 2017 CarexTours season offers three unique tours. Itineraries include visits to much loved historic European gardens and follow the evolution of garden design to modern masters such as Piet Oudolf and Tom Stuart-Smith.

Carolyn is also available to create and coordinate custom garden tours for garden lovers, nurseries, garden clubs, horticultural groups etc. Please contact: With Carolyn as your host, you will learn about plants, explore many gardens features, discover the influence of garden designers, and have a great deal of fun doing it.