Garden Design

Carex offers complete garden design services. With more than two decades of experience, we can design any constructed elements and plantings that your site requires. All projects are designed by Carolyn Mullet in collaboration with you, the homeowner. Our goal is to make an imaginative garden connecting you and your family to the pleasures of being outdoors.

We begin with an initial meeting where we listen and observe. During this time, we start exploring the possibilities for your existing space and presenting initial ideas. Next we conduct a comprehensive site analysis evaluating your existing site features, noting plants, grading, soils, and more. We are then ready to develop a concept for your new garden, which we present to you as a plan with supporting photographs and drawings. After reviewing and fine-tuning the concept with you, selecting plants, and choosing materials, we draw up a final plan.

Bidding Coordination

Beyond design, Carex can coordinate sending out the plan for bids. Bidding can be a stressful process. We make it easy by first identifying contractors to ask for bids. Then we work with them to make sure they understand and include all aspects of the plan in their bids. Serving as your advocate, we help you interpret bids before you finally choose who will install your garden.

Installation Oversight

Carex oversees the installation of all the gardens we design. When installation begins, we are there to guide layouts, review materials, check on craftsmanship, and make sure the project stays on time. Most importantly, we ensure the design is implemented so that the quality of the finished garden is of the highest order.


Carex provides guidance and advice to homeowners who want to move their gardens to the next level. We can help you choose the right tree for your patio, suggest where to put a rain garden, or advise how to repair a crumbling set of steps. Typically an hour long, our consultations provide homeowners with professional advice and information to help you move your garden project forward on your own.